Point of origin and destination 
The main purpose of this route is to join by roads the Casa del Cocó as La Casanova and also this with the Cometa, therefore as origin first we have the Cocó and main destination La Casanova, but in turn after the Casanova we can start the route that takes us as destination to the hermitage of the Cometa. It can be done in the opposite direction.

Ruta-04 Camí del Cocó, Casanova i Cometa

Brief description 

This route, which is marked with yellow, begins at the information panel of the traditional paths that is located at the back of the Casa Museo del Cocó, located looking at it, we will take the road to our right, which is the access road to the Museum. Once on the paved road, we continue straight ahead along a path that runs through the pine forest in a slight descent. We cross an asphalt road and continue straight ahead to skirt the ruins of the Casa del Pla de Feliu to the south. After the house we pass by an empty raft and then we cross the Barranco del Quisi, the road will take us to the Avenida de la Casanova, and through it we continue until we reach almost a roundabout, we cross to the other sidewalk where a path starts that goes up to La Casanova. We pass the take on its left side looking towards the facade and, in the direction of a deposit, continue the route until we reach the Avenue again, we cross the sidewalk in front and we arrive at the roundabout of Ti Bernat. In it we take a dirt track to the left that, in descent, leads us to the paved road of l'Aljub, which we continue to the right about 700 meters. Then we take a branch to the right that, next to the routes R-2 and R-3, leads us to the Park of the Cometa.


Elements of interest 

Route of what was the farmhouse of Pla de Feliu, typical country house of the mid-18th century, with an important construction for drying the raisin, ferris wheel and raft for the accumulation of water, and corrals for domestic animals. Next to it are a couple of centuries-old pine trees.

A little later we find another traditional dryer of raisin, the "Sequer del Ràfol", restored building and cataloged within the constructions to protect. 

The fortified Casanova farmhouse from the 18th century.


Intersection with another route

In its final part this route converges with the R-2 and R-3 with which it can be combined to make a circular circuit.


Additional information

This route could be considered as low difficulty due to its low difficulty and unevenness, suitable for all ages. 

Caution should be exercised at junctions with the roads, especially the Casanova, which has a lot of traffic, as it is one of the important roads of the municipality