Point of origin and destination 

This route also has as its starting point the Casa del Cocó, and as a destination the Parque de la Cometa. It can be done in the opposite direction

Ruta-03 Camí del Cocó, Garduix i Cometa

Brief description

This route, which is marked in blue, begins at the information panel of the traditional paths that is located at the back of the Casa Museo del Cocó, located looking at the same, we will take the road to our right accessing to the back esplanade to the informative panel that conformed the era, we cross it and we enter in the path that decreases for the pine forest until the end, where it is divided in three. We will continue in front, now for a track that, soon, we leave for a road that goes out to the left, we smooth a stretch and we cross a small trough to continue for the forest of a bancal of almond trees stuck to the margin. We continue along the wall of some houses until we reach a wider road that, after a left turn, leads us to a paved road. At the next junction we will continue on the right, now next to the R-2 route. Then we take the road on the left that descends next to the wall of a house. Finish the asphalt and our route continues now by the edge of an olive bank until the end of the same where the path ascends to pass in front of the House of Terrasala. When passing the house we take a road to the left and then to the right that we continue until confluir, in the House of Fèlix, with another paved road which we continue for the left. Walking now we pass by the Casa de Marcelino until we reach a group of houses where a cemented road leaves on the right, which we take until we find a route that leaves our left that takes us to the bed of the Barranc del Quisi which we cross and now ascend until Casa de L'Aljup.  Once on the paved road we will continue on the right descending about 500 meters to a junction where a road starts to our left which we take following it until we reach the Parque de la Cometa.


Elements of interest

This route crosses the most agricultural area in the current term of Calpe, walking through it we can enjoy the landscape that characterized in times past the entire municipality of Calpe, its rainfed crops, traditional farmhouses, like that of Terrasala and l'Aljub. It is worth highlighting the crossing of the ravine, with characteristic vegetation of banks such as elm trees, reeds, etc.