Point of origin and destination 

As origin we take the Casa de Coló, and as destination the Camping Area and the Sierra de Oltà, can also be made in the opposite direction.

Ruta 01. Camí del Cocó a Oltà

Brief description


This route, which is signposted in red, starts at the information panel of the traditional paths that is located at the back of the house museum del Cocó and located looking at this, we will take the road to our left passing by the well of the houses, we descend for the road and after passing by the entrance of Botanical Garden, in a bifurcation of ways, we will take the one of the right. Soon we crossed the ravine of the Pou Roig and we continue now in slight ascent until the next fork in which we take the path of our right (road of the Soliva), something later, again in a fork, we take the road on the left which takes us near a hut that we leave on the right. Now on descent we pass between high margins of stone to settle in the same bed of the ravine through which we will continue to bed up about 300 meters. We leave it on the left and ascend to the N-332 road, where we can cross directly or continue on the left parallel to the same 150 meters until an underpass and then continue on the right until the paved road that goes up to the Sierra de Oltà. Following this road between houses we reach a fork in which we will take the right branch that ascends between the pine forest where, about 100 meters, we leave a track to the right which we take. This track ends and, on the left, we continue now by a path that takes us near the train track (F.G.V.). Without crossing it we descend by the slope of the railway line about 50 meters to a crossroads where we will take the one on the right, in opposite direction to the one we were carrying. This path takes us to the tunnel through which we cross the railway line. When leaving the tunnel, on the right, we skirt the terraces and ascend to the Casa de los Corralets, shortly after passing it along the chain that has the road, a path comes out on the right that we will take and winding we will arrive at the road of Oltà. By the same road, we descend about 20 meters, and by which we gain height between the pine forest to the Camping Area.


Points of interest


In elements of the Soliva we can appreciate the old water conduction with its stone towers using as siphons of this network of supply that dates from the year 1928. 

Along this road we can also see the fields on both sides, such as vineyards, almond trees and olive trees.

Section of paved road and delimited by high margins elaborated to the traditional way of working the stone in dry.

In the stretch of ravine we can appreciate the typical vegetation of this ecosystem, in which oleanders abound, brambles, reeds, etc. 

Casa de los Corralet, traditional farmhouse of these lands in which we can observe all the essential elements for the life of the field such as: the corrals for domestic animals, the well, the era, etc. 


Intersection with other routes

Once at the destination you can link with the network of trails of the Sierra de Oltà (PRCV-340), we can also link at the beginning of the itinerary with the route that goes to the West part of the term (R-7), to the area of the Barranco Salado and Cepellar. Connection with Route R-2 that goes towards the Cosentari.