Diving Routes - Figuereta

In the always spectacular setting of the penyal d'ifach, close to its most salient point, known as la Figuereta, we dived to enjoy an excellent dive. We anchor on the south face of the point, where there is a depth of about -16m. The submerged walls are covered with yellow encrusting anemone, with an abundance of different types of sponges, filter-filtering porifera that take advantage of the oxygen and nutrients that the water carries, as well as the common anemone, a frequent visitor to choppy waters.

Following the wall that we leave to our left and taking care not to gain too much depth, we will immediately notice a rocky projection in the shape of a bollard, which will serve as an indication of the point through which we have to pass, finding ourselves at -7m with a narrow passage or gorge through which we access a deeper area, which goes into the sea and is dotted with rocks that provide shelter for large conger eels, octopus and other benthic species.

One of these large rocks, at around -27m, is profusely covered with the colourful and rare gorgonia Paramuricea clavata, filter-feeding animals that are arranged in the form of fans perpendicular to the current, from which they obtain nutrients. We can observe the bottom until the air or the deco indicates the moment to start the return, which we will do following the wall that we will now leave on our right, and on which we will ascend a little to go over the slope that it forms and on which the presence of cerianthus stands out. Continuing forward, we reach the passageway again and, taking care not to descend again from its depth, we return to the height of the boat to make the safety stop.