Diving Routes - Acantilados de ifach

Leaving by boat in the direction of the Rock and about 300m from the end of the walk, we anchor under the dazzling cliffs of this colossal rock, at a depth of about -17m. After going down the anchor headland we head offshore (SW) to gain depth, following the gentle drop of the seabed, which becomes increasingly sandy and eventually murky, and soon, at about -26m, we find some rocky splashes on this sandy bed and next to them the scattered and hardly recognisable remains of a boat, probably a fishing boat, remains where we can stop for a few minutes and, with luck, observe the presence of some conger eel, and no doubt large anemones. It is also interesting to take a look at the sandy area where we can sometimes see ratfish, which generally bury themselves and go unnoticed.

We then head towards the wall, slightly open to the point (approx.45º) and we lose depth as the seabed becomes rocky with its typical inhabitants of octopus, moray eels, bream... and there are also numerous starfish and yellow gorgonians. The ascent slope ends at the wall of the Rock, at about -17mts on which we will ascend little by little towards the starting point, observing the beautiful backlights that the cracks that mark it out, as well as the abundance of porifera such as sponges and cnidarians such as the yellow encrusting anemone on its walls, to finally make the safety stop and return to the boat.