Diving Routes - Las Redes

On the north face of the Peñón and near the Arcos we find this interesting dive that takes place on a rocky substratum with large rock formations from the landslides of the Peñón. It takes its name from a few fishing nets that have become entangled in some of the largest and highest rocks at the bottom, so although it is easy to avoid them, it is advisable to be attentive so as not to have any incidents. We will anchor close to the wall that goes vertically into the water and then smooth out the slope like a hillside and reach a bottom of about -17m. If we then go a little deeper, large rocks will appear with a proliferation of algae, anemones and gorgonians.

The peculiarities of the type of seabed mean that there are plenty of crevices where moray eels, lobsters, octopus and shy groupers can take refuge. Advancing at about -20m and parallel to the coast, with an approximate course of 120º, we soon find other enormous rocks on which the nets appear hooked like a perverse mantle. This will be the moment to head towards the rock wall, progressively reducing depth and entertaining ourselves with the numerous rocks that will attract our attention, at a depth of between -15 and -17m where we can observe nudibranchs such as cowries and carnations on the wall, until we reach the height of the boat where we can make the safety stop on the wall, if the sea conditions allow it, or we can head to the anchor headland and do it there.