One of Calpe’s greatest treasures is hidden beneath its waters. Diving into them allows you to experience a spectacle of nature, where time slows down, the dimensions are transformed, and you feel transported to another world.

The richness of its depths provides numerous diving spots and underwater itineraries around the Peñón de Ifach and Morro de Toix such as Los Arcos, El Racó, El Paseo…

Immerse yourself in the silence of our sea and lose yourself in the labyrinths of rock arches and multicolored tunnels of corals, sponges, and anemones, where large lobsters and conger eels will surprise you while barracudas, bream, or damselfish swim past forming spectacular schools of fish.

If you're less adventurous, grab your goggles and fins and enjoy snorkeling in a cove or explore the sea by hiring an excursion boat.