Calp is ready to open its beaches next Monday when the province enters Phase 2 as planned. Until now, citizens could enter the beach for a walk, but swimming, lying down or playing in the sand was not allowed.


The Department of Beaches has worked hard in recent weeks to reopen the beaches safely and to comply with the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government) Guide to Safe Beaches. The Department of Beaches distinguishes between a first stage, which will most likely start on Monday, and a second stage, which will start on July 1st, during which there will be mobility between the provinces and tourists will come to Calp.


From 1 June, the main appeal will be for the compulsory social safety distance of two metres between people. For this reason, the bays of Morelló and Calalga are closed to the public, as their small size makes it difficult to maintain the social distance.


In addition, on the beaches of Arenal, La Fossa and Cantal Roig, some posts have been installed to mark the distance of six metres from the seashore to the sand. You can walk in this area; you are not allowed to put on towels or play. It is also recommended to always walk on the right.


The footbaths at the beaches will not be in operation for the time being due to some problems of disinfection, although it is hoped that in July a disinfection procedure can be introduced in order to allow their use.


All accesses to the beaches will be available and first aid and rescue services will start on 6 June. This year there will be no pedal boats or other games on the beaches and the fixed umbrellas provided by the service concessionaire will be free.


For the second phase, which will start in July, the Department of Beaches has commissioned an app that will report on the degree of occupation of the beaches, in addition to hiring 23 "inspectors", people who will monitor compliance with capacity limits and social distance. The application will allow the "controllers n", when the beaches reach a capacity of 80%, to redirect users to other less busy beach areas.



Moreover, by consulting the application, users will be able to know in advance the degree of occupancy of each beach and choose the one they consider most suitable.


The City Council has placed signs at the entrances to the beaches to inform users of the rules for using the beaches.