The rescue and lifesaving service of the beaches of Calp, carried out by the concessionaire Eulen, starts this Friday its summer season. Thus, from Friday and until the 14th of June and from the 16th to the 30thof September Calp beaches will have 21 lifeguards every day to cover 14 positions, while between the 15th of June and the 30thof September the service will have 35 people in the daily operation, among lifeguards, coordinator, beach managers, employers and health personnel.

Concerning the working hours, until the 15th of June and between the 16th and the 30th of September will be from 11 am to 7 pm and from the 15th of June to the 15th of September will be from 10:30 am to 8 pm. In high season the service covers the beaches of Calalga, Fossa, Racó, Cantal Roig, Morelló, Arenal-Bol and Puerto Blanco, and the boats are located in La Fossa and Arenal-Bol. The fixed position of the ambulance is in Cantal-Roig, an intermediate point between the two large beaches of the town.

Regarding the equipment, the beaches of Arenal-Bol, La Fossa, Puerto Blanco and Cantal Roig and the Calalga and Racó coves have toilets, the sandy beaches also have footbaths and walkways, and all have bins. The Arenal-Bol and La Fossa have a playground, as well as sports areas, inflatable platforms, hammocks and pedal boats.

Calp has 13 kilometres of coastline in which the wide beaches of fine sand coexist with the steep and intimate coves. In addition the two great beaches Arenal-Bol and La Fossa have accessible beach areas operating from the 15th of June, in which people with disabilities can enjoy the beach without difficulties through amphibious chairs and trained help staff.

The Blue Flag ripples again this year on the beaches Arenal-Bol, La Fossa and Cantal Roig. And to complete the attention to the visitor during the summer season, two tourist information points are established on the promenades in order to be able to offer up-to-date information about the tourist, cultural and leisure activities in the town.

The councillor for beaches, Jan Van Parijs, added that "in addition all the departments and services involved in the management of the beaches (municipal departments for Beaches and Environment, lifeguard service, local police, the concessionaire for the hammocks and umbrellas, etc.) will establish a protocol to monitor and control the presence of jellyfish, the proliferation of street selling and the illegal massages on the beaches".