Calpe is taking part in the Internacionale Tourisme Börse (ITB) in Berlin, considered one of the most important tourism fairs in the world (5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries), with the aim of regaining the interest of German travellers in the destination.


Representatives of Calpe's tourism companies, accompanied by the councillors for tourism, Mireia Ripoll and Marco Bittner, are attending the event, which is being held from 5 to 7 March, to showcase Calpe's updated offer as a year-round destination given its cultural, gastronomic, sports and nature possibilities.


German tourism was key for Calpe in the 70s and 80s, but in recent decades it has lost weight to other markets. For this reason, the Department of Tourism is making an important commitment to this segment, which is characterised by its profitability, its loyalty and its ability to travel out of season.


Calpe's aim at the Fair was to increase its visibility and prestige as a destination in the eyes of an international and diverse public. To capture the attention and interest of potential clients, partners and the media for advertising campaigns in Germany. Also, as it is a reference fair, to take advantage of technological innovations for the virtualisation of tourist attractions or the integration of Artificial Intelligence for projects such as the office of the 21st Century.


The councillor for international tourism promotion, Marco Bittner, pointed out that "when German citizens travel for more than 5 days, they usually choose Spain, so we are already preparing actions with the aim of differentiating ourselves from other destinations, attracting this tourist and being able to generate seasonal activity in Calpe".


He also stressed that "ITB Berlin is a unique opportunity to show what Calpe is like today to the generations who knew Calpe as children in the 80s, and to reach a younger audience looking for authentic and quality experiences". "Our presence in Berlin serves to generate trust and loyalty among visitors and tour operators".


Calpe's participation in the ITB in Berlin coincides with some good indicators on German tourism, which has registered in the first month of 2024 a remarkable increase of 66% in the Comunitat Valenciana, consolidating the dynamism registered in 2023, a year in which the arrival of German tourists grew by almost 19% in the region, with an increase of 21.2% in tourist spending.


The event was attended by Jordi Hereu, Spain's Minister of Industry and Tourism, Ana Isabel Fernández Samper - Director General of Tourism, Trade and Crafts and the Regional Minister of Tourism Nuria Montes.