Representatives of the touristic companies in Calp, together with the council member of tourism, Jan Van Parijs, attended the Internacionale Tourisme Börse (ITB) of Berlin, one of the most important touristic conventions in the world.

The Department of Tourism is going out for the German tourism, a key sector for Calp during the 70s and 80s which has lost drive in the last decades. In fact, hardly 2% of the tourists spending their holidays in Calp are German, and they are trying to show an up-to-date image of Calp as a touristic destination reaching a younger audience: they want to show what the town looks like today to those generations that got to know it as kids in the 70s and 80s.

For this reason, for the last years they have taken several actions in Germany, aimed at travel agencies in Cologne and Dusseldorf because even though direct online reservations keep growing, German people still put their trust in agencies to organise their holidays.

These days, the delegation from Calp at the ITB in Berlin has tried to reach travel agencies as well as the public in general to show how Calp has changed in the past few years, its wide and diverse accommodation offers and the leisure possibilities of the town beyond the sun and beach.

The council member for tourism, Jan Van Parijs, pointed out that "we have noticed that the German tourist makes his winter holiday reservations between June and July, so we are already preparing promotion campaigns for that date to stand out from other destinations and attract tourists in winter."

Another aspect that was noted is the return of northern Africa as a touristic destination for the German market, what "leads us to stay alert and be more competitive with our product," according to Van Parijs.