Semana Santa: The Holy Week in Calp has regained in recent years an extraordinary dynamism. Four brotherhoods, relatively young, have come together with the Festival Committee and the parishes of Nuestra Sra. De las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows) and Nuestra Sra. De la Merced (Virgin of Mercy), to organise a full and comprehensive programme coordinated by the General Brotherhood and Sisterhood Holy Week Board.

The enthusiams of the people of Calp is distributed into four brotherhoods: La Hermandad del Cristo de los Gitanos, El Poderoso (the Brotherhood of the Christ of the Gypsies, the Mighty), La Cofradía de Jesús el Nazareno (The Brotherhood of Jesus of Nazareth), la Cofradía del Cristo de las Tres Caídas (the Brotherhood of Christ of the Three Falls) and la Hermandad del Silencio (the Brotherhood of Silence). Joining them the public.

The Holy Week therefore becomes a religious, cultural and tourist event.