Casa de Andalucía

  • Día de Andalucía: Organized by the “Casa de Andalucía” of Calpe to coincide with the celebration of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia on February 28th. It has been celebrated since 1996.
  • Cruz de Mayo: Each May a cross covered in flowers is made and presented by the members of the "Casa de Andalucía". It has been celebrated in Calpe since 1996.
  • Feria de Andalucía: Continuing the Andalusian traditions, the “Casa de Andalucía” offers a fair in the purest Andalusian style. It has been celebrated since 1996.
  • Romería de la Virgen del Rocío: In honor of the Virgen del Rocío, the Rociera Brotherhood of the “Casa de Andalucía” organizes the pilgrimage from the hermitage of San Salvador to the hermitage of San Juan, patron saint of La Cometa. It has been celebrated since 1996.

Date: September