As of Monday, April 12, these will be the new measures that will be applied in the Valencian Community.
They will be in force until April 25
-Limitation of groups in public and private spaces: Family or social gatherings are limited to a maximum of four people. Meetings in homes are limited to two nuclei of coexistence.
-Restaurants. Open until 6 in the afternoon. There can be up to six people per table. Terraces, at 100% of its capacity; interiors, 30%
-Closing of shops at 8pm. Except for food establishments, pharmacies and essentials.
-Night lockdown from 10pm.
-Perimeter confinement of the Valencian territory. Only properly justified trips will be authorized.
-Interior of facilities, sports centers and swimming pools. Reopening, at 30% of capacity, of gyms, pavilions, swimming pools and indoor sports facilities.
-The educational leisure activities are resumed with a capacity of 30% and in groups of up to 10 people.

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