Starting Point: Beginning our itinerary in Calp, we leave in direction of the N-332 to Alicante (roundabout Refugio del Viento), we cross the tunnel and we follow the signs towards the Train station/ Sierra de Oltà. After about 1 km we pass the train stations to follow the road and carry on until a crossroad. We keep going in direction Monte Oltà- Zona de Acampada (camping area). The road covers 1'2 km, more and reaches the camping area, in the highest part of the mountain.

00' From the camping area next to the parking we cross a chain preventing the passage of vehicles, where some white and yellow signs of the PR track appear. The path climbs parallel to some stone terraces and after 2' it connects to a forest track.

2' We follow the narrow forest track to the left.

5' Crossroad of tracks . Here we will find two wooden posts. We will take the left path: 1750 m. La Canal and Oltà Nord. We follow the curved path going upwards and then, we find aa chain preventing the passage of vehicles.

10' Chain for cars From this point, we will have a wonderful view of the Rock of Ifach and the point of the Cape of Moraira to the North.

15' We pass close to a fountain and then a water tank where there is a wooden post marking a crossroad. We follow the path to the left, signalled Ermita Vella 750 m.

25' Crossroad of tracks. Here we will find two wooden posts with information. To the right: Circuit principal. 2250 m. Cim d'Oltà (Main circuit. 2250m. Top of Oltà); we take the track to the right and after about 1' we arrive at the hermitage.

26' Ermita de Sant Francesc It is located on a natural balcony with views of the Rock of Ifach and offers an area with toilets,water, picnic area, shades and bins. Take some minutes to relax and enjoy the views, before going upwards to the right.

27' Crossroad of tracks. Here we will find two wooden posts with information. The left post marks: Oltà Sud La Canal 4250 m. We follow the left path downwards, and enjoy the superb views of the Morro de Toix. If we keep walking, we arrive at a stockyard in ruins, to the left. After a while, the view offers us new and marvellous panoramic of the Serra Gelada (Benidorm), the tunnel of Mascarat, the motorway AP-7 and the gully. The path keeps going around the mountain, by the sunny area opposite Bernia and the Puig Campana. At this point, the track turns downwards and continues near some rocky formations.

60' Signpost. There are three wooden directional posts. The left post marks: La Canal 2870 m. We follow this path to the left in the direction of La Canal.

1h. 04' House in ruins to the left The path is quite flat and we will find some PR signs along the route. We pass close to a second house in ruins, to the right, and a chain preventing the passage of vehicles. Opposite, there are more wooden posts. The left post marks: Ermita Vella 2350 m., Zona de Acampada 3750. We follow the route by the path among the pines towards the walls of the old terraces.

1h. 20' Signpost. The right post marks: Zona de Acampada 4550 m. Circuit Sud. (Camping area. South circuit). The PR marked path turns right where the hillside slopes steeply.

1h. 30' House in ruins in a curve , with wooden benches. We carry on along the track.

1h. 32' Signpost by a crossroad of paths. The left post marks: La Canal 800 m. Zona de Acampada 5220 m. We turn left on the path closest to the point shaped rocks.

1h. 35' The track comes down to a crossroad where the left post marks: La Canal 350 m. Oltà Nord, and the right post marks: Zona de Acampada Oltà Sud 5670 m. We turn right onto the narrow trail.

1h. 40' Hill with house in ruins with pines to the left and walls to the right. On the open area in front of us, the path crosses to the other slope and allows us to stop here to enjoy the views of the Rock of Ifach. Later, we will pass an old factory. The trail is here very narrow, rocky, and zigzagging, and therefore not advisable for small children.

1h. 55' The path connects with an earthen track , where we will turn right.

1h. 57' We leave this track in the middle of the curve and follow a new trail going into the shady forest. The is another signpost: Zona de Acampada 550 m.

2h. 04' We arrive at the path.

2h. 05' Crossroad which we passed at the beginning of our itinerary. This path will bring us back to the camping area.

Total duration: 2h. 10'